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Venezuela: MERCOSUR rejects the use of force to restore democratic order

12 August 2017
Información para la Prensa N°: 

The decision to suspend Venezuela through application of the Ushuaia Protocol on Democratic Commitment in MERCOSUR was adopted on 5 August in view of the serious rupture of democratic order in such country. Since then, repression, arbitrary detentions and limitations on civil liberties have been increasing. The measures announced by the Government and the National Constituent Assembly over the past few days reduce even more the margin for political debate and negotiation.

MERCOSUR countries will continue to insist, both individually and collectively, so that Venezuela complies with the commitments undertaken by it, freely and in a sovereign manner, to democracy as the only acceptable form of government in the region. The Venezuelan Government cannot expect to normally coexist with its neighbours until democracy is restored in the country.

In addition, MERCOSUR countries are of the view that the only acceptable instruments to promote democracy are dialogue and diplomacy. Violence and any other option that implies the use of force must be rejected, as the fundamental basis of democratic coexistence, both domestically and in international relations.

Press Release No. 326/17