Political dimension of MERCOSUR

The political, social and citizenship dimensions of integration

MERCOSUR is based on a strategic decision taken by the countries of the region to integrate, with a view to strengthening democracy, constitutional order and the rule of Law, promoting full respect for human rights and consolidating the region as a peace zone, improving the international presence of the region as a whole and of each of its individual members, and promoting development with social justice.

Political, social and citizenship dimensions / Specific goals

Promoting the political, social and citizenship agenda of regional integration, within the framework of the different fora and ancillary bodies of the institutional structure of MERCOSUR, including the Forum for Political Consultation and Coordination, the Meetings of Ministers, the Coordination Commission for Social Affairs Ministers, Specialized Meetings, the Institute of Public Policies on Human Rights, and the Social Institute of MERCOSUR.

Expanding the corpus of MERCOSUR legislation in the political, social, productive, infrastructure, labour, judicial, immigration, security, health, education and cultural fields, all of which have an impact on the lives of the citizens of the region (visit) http://www.cartillaciudadania.mercosur.int/.

Increasing the institutional participation of Associate States in the Political and Social Dimensions of MERCOSUR. Coordinating and supplementing the policies, agreements and commitments assumed by Member and Associate States with the initiatives designed by them at UNASUR and CELAC.

Reaffirming MERCOSUR as an appropriate forum to coordinate and supplement national efforts, mitigating the direct impact of international crises on the region and protecting the most vulnerable sectors of its population.

Establishing mechanisms for political dialogue and cooperation with other countries and regional integration fora, based on full respect for international law, in order to engage in consultations on the international and regional situation, strengthen ties of friendship and mutual understanding, agree on positions in multilateral fora, and deal with matters of mutual interest.

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