"Argentine nationals travelling to the FIFA World Cup 2018" Campaign. The Foreign Ministry provides information on consular assistance

The Foreign Ministry has launched the "Argentine nationals travelling to the FIFA World Cup 2018" Campaign, aimed at Argentine nationals travelling to the sports event to take place in the Russian Federation from 14 June to 15 July.

The Campaign includes recommendations as regards preparations for the trip to Russia, as well as advice on what to do upon arrival. Important information on migration issues, travel documents, hotel registration, transport, attendance at matches and precautionary measures to avoid inconveniences, among other recommendations, is available to travellers on the following specially created official website:


During the World Cup, the Argentine Embassy in the Russian Federation will provide Argentine tourists with assistance at its Moscow office and additional itinerant consulates will be established in other Russian cities, especially in cities in which the matches of the Argentine national team take place. In an unprecedented action for this kind of occasion, Argentina and Brazil will jointly provide their nationals with assistance at itinerant offices in Saint Petersburg.

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