On 21 May, Buenos Aires was the first city in South America to host a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the world's twenty leading economies.

It is worth noting that the G20 is the world's most important international forum for economic, financial and political cooperation. Argentina, which holds the Presidency in 2018, plays an active role in this close-knit group of the most powerful countries in terms of promoting discussions and global consensus building.

We should ask ourselves: why was this G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting so important to Argentina? We are at a time in which the world is reformulating certain rules and shaping a new reality, and we, the Argentine people, are working to help achieve such goals. At the international level, Argentina seeks to build bridges and bring individual agendas in line with global agendas. Creating and facilitating dialogue channels that lead to global visions is not an easy task. The fact that we are at the discussion table as hosts and leading actors, shaping courses of action to be taken in this dynamic world, is of great importance and should be underscored.

The meeting in Buenos Aires provided an opportunity to thoroughly address strategic issues that are currently of great importance for our country and our region: the future of work and its close linkage to the educational system; infrastructure for development; and food security. All of these concerns are central to both the present and future of our country and region.

At the Ministerial Meeting, as well as at upcoming meetings, Argentina will have a great opportunity to bring the voice of the southern countries to the discussion table, with their concerns, aspirations and potential, and mindful of the urgent need to reduce poverty and enhance our people's quality of life.

The visibility afforded by holding the G20 Presidency in 2018 will surely contribute to consolidating Argentina's international insertion and securing an important role for our country in this challenging century.

I now invite you to read about this in detail, as well as about other actions undertaken by the Foreign Ministry in May.

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