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Military flights between Malvinas Islands and Brazilian airports

01 March 2017
Información para la Prensa N°: 

The Argentine National Directorate of Air Traffic Control informed the Malvinas Directorate that the British Royal Air Force made at least six military flights between Brazilian airports and Mount Pleasant during 2016.

The Foreign Ministry instructed the Argentine Embassy in Brazil to take the necessary steps at the local Foreign Ministry to convey concern about the situation. In addition, Brazil was reminded of its commitment to refrain from receiving at its airports and ports any British military aircraft or warship from the disputed islands, in accordance with the position adopted by MERCOSUR and UNASUR.

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry reaffirmed its support for our country on the Malvinas issue, stated that it was unaware of these flights and committed itself to making enquiries with the local Ministry of Defence. 

Moreover, démarches were made to the Brazilian Embassy in Buenos Aires, whose response was similar to that of the authorities in Brasilia, pointing out that the flights were probably related to humanitarian issues or emergencies caused by technical difficulties.

According to Malvinas Directorate records, during 2015 there were 12 similar flights from Brazil detected by the Argentine Air Force. Daniel Filmus, the Ambassador at the time, made similar enquiries of the Brazilian Ambassador to Argentina and steps were also taken by our Embassy in Brasilia. The responses in both cases were similar to those received in January 2017.

 Press release No. 054/17

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