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Meeting on identification of soldiers

09 March 2017
Información para la Prensa N°: 

Today, Foreign Ministry authorities received representatives from the Commission of Relatives of the Fallen in the Malvinas and the South Atlantic Islands and from the Confederation of Malvinas Veterans of the Argentine Republic, and reiterated that the initiative to identify unknown Argentine soldiers buried in Darwin cemetery is a strictly humanitarian issue.

During the meeting, which lasted over an hour, all the participants' concerns were addressed and it was also reiterated that the humanitarian initiative will be undertaken by the International Committee of the Red Cross, in accordance with the provisions of the documents signed in London by the Argentine Republic, the United Kingdom and the Red Cross, in December 2016.

Both the initiative and the activities to be performed fall under the sovereignty safeguard formula adopted in the 1989 Madrid Statements.

For the Argentine Government, fallen soldiers are war heroes, whose remains will not be sent to the continent unless expressly requested by the family directly concerned, once the process is concluded.

In addition, it was confirmed that field tasks will be exclusively performed by a team of forensic experts appointed by the Red Cross, two of which will be Argentinian.

Finally, a commitment was made to communicate to all parties involved in this process the concerns expressed, and it was reiterated that the Foreign Ministry will always be open to dialogue.

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