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International Economic Relations

The Secretariat for International Economic Relations deals with the implementation and promotion of Argentina’s trade policy abroad; international negotiations over bilateral and multilateral economic and trade matters; and relations with international, regional and sub-regional economic and trade organizations.

It is responsible for participating in the formulation, definition and development of the contents of Argentina’s trade policy abroad and the policies and courses of action with respect to economic integration with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as multilateral economic integration at a regional level. It also implements international trade promotion policies by disseminating the exportable goods offer and promoting the Republic at an international level as a destination for investments by foreign companies. Its actions are aimed at achieving the economic integration of the Argentine Republic with the rest of the world, by boosting its trade and fostering the incorporation of added value and knowledge into the exportable offer, in keeping with the domestic policies designed for such purpose.

The ultimate goal is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the Argentine people as a whole, through better positioning of Argentina at an international level, the improvement of its external competitiveness, and the development of its capacities, as well as its full and sustainable economic development.

The work of the Secretariat is organized around the following priority goals:

  • Deepening economic integration within MERCOSUR and Latin America and promoting the conclusion and development of preferential economic and trade partnership agreements with other countries and regions of the world. In this line, seeking appropriate convergence between MERCOSUR and other regional organizations in order to access, with greater negotiating power, the main economic centres in the world, without compromising the future potentialities of industrial development, thereby promoting our highest-capacity sectors.
  • Consolidating MERCOSUR, our stepping stone to the world, as both a common market and a forum for addressing the wide array of common issues relating to the development of our region. In this context, the aim is to support regional trade, productive integration and the development of border areas through the promotion of trade between border towns of the bloc, thus federalizing the integration process, in order to have a direct impact on the quality of life of all the citizens of the region.
  • Designing policies to support the inclusion of SMEs in the exporting activity, by promoting improvements in the competitiveness of regional economies and actions to attract investments, with a view to strengthening priority sectors to foster the growth of national and —especially— regional economies. Likewise, it has the goal of generating information of commercial interest to companies. The aim is to achieve international projection of knowledge- and innovation-intensive activities, as well as a sophisticated productive profile and the international insertion of Argentina, so as to foster the inflow of foreign resources and related industrial development.
  • Guaranteeing that the legitimate concern for environmental issues will not become an obstacle to accessing foreign markets or to the development possibilities for the population, by taking advantage of the financial and technological resources offered by the international community with a view to facilitating Argentina’s sustainable development.
  • Strengthening bilateral economic relations, by promoting mutual interests and generating common opportunities and projects in line with our development through the use of diplomatic channels for dialogue and exchange. Representing Argentina before multilateral economic and trade organizations and forums, thus guaranteeing the promotion and defence of national interests through effective participation.
  • Defending Argentina’s rights and interests in dispute resolution proceedings within the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO), MERCOSUR and other regional forums, as well as in proceedings in third countries aimed at establishing trade defence measures against imports of Argentine origin. 

The Secretariat is made up of:

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The Undersecretariat for Latin American Economic Integration and MERCOSUR

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The Undersecretariat for International Economic Negotiations

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The Undersecretariat for Investment Development and Trade Promotion

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The Centre of International Economics

In order to attain these goals, the Secretariat works in close cooperation and constant dialogue with over 150 Argentine representations abroad. Located in all five continents, the Embassies, Consulates and Trade Promotion Centres play a fundamental role in the daily promotion and implementation of our foreign economic policy throughout the world.