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Future diplomats visited Tres de Febrero

17 November 2017
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Within the framework of the Initiative to engage in dialogue with various stakeholders of civil society, launched by the Undersecretariat for Institutional Relations and Public Diplomacy headed by Ambassador Tomás Kroyer, the second-year students of the National Foreign Service Institute visited Tres de Febrero, in Buenos Aires Province, to learn about its economic, social and cultural activity.

The students visited the industrial plant of Moto Mecánica Argentina, an industrial company established in 1929, whose plant is located in Loma Hermosa. They discussed the main economic challenges faced by industrial activity and the development of proposals to expand the business internationally, as well as the role of diplomats in representing Argentina, including its regions and productive activities.

The students were also received by Mayor Diego Valenzuela and his team at the Local School of Arts and Communication (EMAC) in Caseros, and they exchanged views on the impact that establishing ties between Tres de Febrero and the world has on small and medium enterprises, as well as on culture and people's welfare.

The tour also included a visit to Ernesto Sábato's house in Santos Lugares, where the students were guided by members of Sábato's family through the gardens and the library of the house. Sábato Museum is the centre of the "Festival Sábato" held in Santos Lugares since last year.

This visit to Tres de Febrero is part of a set of activities to offer a federal and comprehensive view to the new generations of Argentine diplomats.


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