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First meeting of the Mercosur – New Zeland dialogue

09 April 2018
Información para la Prensa N°: 

In the context of the first edition of the Dialogue between MERCOSUR and New Zealand, held today at the Palacio San Martín, the regional bloc and New Zealand reviewed their ongoing trade negotiation agendas and exchanged information on their progress.

The Secretary for International Economic Relations of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, Horacio Reyser, hosted the meeting, which was chaired by Minister Juan Angel Delgadillo on behalf of Paraguay as the President Pro Tempore of MERCOSUR, and the Lead Negotiator of the Economic and Trade Group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand, Martin Harvey.

The delegations underscored their mutual importance as key players in trade and investment development in their respective countries.

As regards MERCOSUR, it was noted that its foreign affairs policy has gained new impetus, with a focus not only on relations outside the bloc but also on its own integration project.

In addition, both sides shared their views on trade negotiations as regards trade in goods and services, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, technical barriers to trade, trade defence mechanisms and rules of origin, among other issues.

They also reaffirmed the importance of free trade as a source of prosperity. Furthermore, both sides agreed to strengthen the understanding of their respective interests and to explore opportunities for expanding bilateral trade, investment and cooperation, including a prospective MERCOSUR - New Zealand trade agreement. In that vein, they agreed to analyze possible dates to hold another meeting in mid-2018. 

 Press release No. 137/18