Centre of International Economics

The National Directorate - Centre of International Economics (CEI) is the specialized centre of economic studies of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and comes under the Secretariat for International Economic Relations (SEREI). It contributes to the design of tools for international economic and commercial analysis and provides information for use in setting and implementing Argentine economic foreign policy goals.

The main goals of CEI are:

To identify medium and long-term economic trends at the regional and global level and propose strategic alternatives and courses of action that favour national development.

To provide assistance to the authorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in relation to national and international technical analyses.

To conduct and disseminate studies, situation analyses, indicators, and economic reports related to the economic situation of third countries, blocs of countries, or customs unions.

To provide technical assistance to different official entities, promote the exchange of statistical information and documentation, and coordinate joint research on international economics.

To promote the signature of technical assistance agreements and participate in international cooperation programmes within the framework of its specific functions.

To organize seminars, congresses, conferences, and other events for academic and promotion purposes.

CEI has updated its website (www.cei.gob.ar), which now has new sections, new ways of finding information, and more resources for all the areas of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the public in general.
The Argentine Journal of International Economics (RAEI) can be downloaded from the website. The aim is to offer the reader, through this biannual publication, information on the evolution of global trade and a clear and concise account of the main facts.