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Argentine ministers spoke about Argentina's G20 in Davos

25 January 2018
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Dujovne, Foreign Minister Faurie and Cabrera participated in the "G20 under the Argentine Presidency" meeting

This morning, Argentine ministers in Davos presented the Argentine G20 Presidency to world leaders and businesspeople. The meeting was attended by the Minister of Economy, Nicolás Dujovne; Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie and the Minister of Production, Francisco Cabrera.

"We will bring in a perspective from the south, from our region, from where we come from." Argentina will be true to its history, traditions and geographical location, all of which make up our DNA," Foreign Minister Faurie stated at the opening of the "G20 under the Argentine Presidency" meeting, held within the framework of the World Economic Forum taking place in the Swiss city.

Faurie also underscored that "G20 countries have played a key role in developing rules that apply to the international community. This is a feature that strengthens the Group: its real ability to identify and accept principles and guidelines," highlighting the Group's effectiveness, along with multilateralism, "when we faced the global financial crisis in 2008, cooperation prevailed and the system did not collapse."

Furthermore, Minister Dujovne explained two of the Argentine Presidency's priorities: the future of work and the development of infrastructure.

"Regarding the future of work, our aim is to achieve advances in the global discussion and the understanding of the potential impact of technological advancement on productivity, growth, employment and inequality, and to build on that to develop public policies that help guarantee that technological advancement is an opportunity for all."

As regards infrastructure, the Minister of Economy stated: "There is a global infrastructure gap that needs to be closed. We want to promote the mobilization of private capital into infrastructure projects. In order to achieve this, our aim is to make infrastructure an asset." He also added that: "Infrastructure is the key to productivity and growth."

To conclude, Minister of Production Francisco Cabrera underscored Argentina's efforts to attract more investment: "We are working on a solid institutional framework to attract investment and support the internationalization and modernization of the production processes of Argentine companies."

Cabrera also underscored the importance of trade and technology in this year's G20 debates: "Technology and trade are major aspects to include in the G20 discussion."


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