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"Argentina with you" programme launched for Argentine nationals travelling abroad

13 June 2018
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Agreement signed between Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Modernization, National Communications Agency (ENACOM) and mobile telephone companies

Today at the Palacio San Martín, Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie, Minister of Modernization Andrés Ibarra and the President of the National Communications Agency (ENACOM), Silvana Giudici, signed the "Argentina with you" agreement, jointly designed to provide Argentine nationals travelling abroad with mobile telephone services through a text message containing contact details of the nearest Consulate office which they will receive upon activating roaming.

Faurie stated that this programme will make "Argentine nationals feel supported by their country, their Government and the Consular Assistance system of the Foreign Ministry. It is a citizen-centred service that is in line with modern needs."

Minister Ibarra in turn stated that "it is our responsibility to meet the demands of the Argentine people in all areas. 'Argentina with you' seeks to make the most of the benefits of technology to provide Argentine nationals travelling abroad with assistance through a simple and pragmatic tool."

"We are serving Argentine nationals," Faurie stated this afternoon at the Palacio San Martín during the signing of the agreement, which was also attended by the Director for Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, Luis María Sobrón.

Faurie explained that "the Directorate for Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry has a great responsibility in assisting all nationals abroad: it is responsible for Argentine nationals living abroad and for those that travel abroad and need consular support for whatever reason."

In this first stage of the programme, when an Argentine national travels abroad, they will automatically receive -upon activating their mobile phone's roaming- a text message containing the emergency phone numbers of the Argentine Embassy or consular office in the country where they are.  Through this system, the Argentine State will be able to assist Argentine nationals at all times.

Embassies and consulates will provide any necessary information and support if any Argentine national happens to be in an emergency and will be able to take action in various situations (such as issuing new identification documents in case of loss), contacting relatives or providing assistance in the wake of disasters, among others.

The Foreign Minister stressed that "this is further proof of the modernization process carried out by President Macri's administration in the area of citizen services with a view to increasing transparency, communication and links between the people and Government. And, in this specific case, the aim is that consular officials, who are diplomats, serve the Argentine people."


Press Release No. 250/18